Take This 5-Second Test to Instantly Look More Confident

Standing Up StraightPop quiz: If you had only 5 seconds to increase your attractiveness, what would you do?

You wouldn’t have time for things like…

  • Skin care,
  • Hair care,
  • Clothes,
  • Weight loss, or
  • Muscle building.

(Which covers the majority of the tips you’ll find here at Better-Looking Guy.)

In fact, there’s only one thing you can really do in just 5 seconds to significantly improve your attractiveness:

Stand up straight.

Don’t underestimate the importance of posture.

Remember that 93% of effective communication is nonverbal, and 55% comes from your body language—including how you stand.

It also has a lot to do with your first impression.

Slouch, and people will instantly get the impression that you are lazy, unhappy, shy, or some combination of those things. (None of which are very flattering or attractive.)

But stand up tall and people will perceive you as more confident, capable, approachable, and attractive. Score!

You Probably Have Bad Posture—And Here’s Why

Don't slouch! You'll look like a miserable loser!

Don’t slouch! You’ll look like a miserable loser!

Reason #1: Too Much Sitting

You might think that good posture would come to us naturally. After all, wouldn’t the healthiest posture be something we evolved to make our natural

Unfortunately, no.

At least not in today’s day and age, where we spend way too much time sitting.

The problem is that sitting (especially in front of a TV or computer screen) encourages us to slouch, which creates rounded shoulders and a hunched back.

Reason #2: Too Much Chest Work

Adding to the sitting issue is that fact that most guys create muscle imbalances by the way they work out.

Specifically, most guys focus on exercises that work their “mirror muscles” like bench press…while excluding important back exercises like rows.

When this happens, your chest muscles get very tight, while your back muscles remain loose & weak. The result: your tight chest muscles “pull” your shoulders inward (without any corresponding back muscles to counteract that internal rotation).

Try This 5-Second “Pencil Test”

Try this 5-second test to gt an idea of your own posture right now.

Put a pencil (or pen) in each hand, and lightly hold it with your entire fist, like so:

Fist lightly holding pencil

Hold your arms at your sides naturally, like so:

Hold your arms lightly at your side

And finally, take a look at where the tip of the pencil is pointing.

Left Hand 3:00, Right Hand 9:00

Right hand at 9:00

This is terrible. God-awful posture. What are you, a caveman? Pull your shoulders back. Way back!

Left Hand 2:00, Right Hand 10:00

Right hand at 10:00


This is pretty typical for your average guy. It could be worse, but your shoulders are still too rounded. Pull them back some more.

Left Hand 1:00, Right Hand 11:00

Right hand at 11:00

This is the sweet spot—where you want to be. Don’t. Move. A. Muscle.

Left Hand 12:00, Right Hand 12:00

Right hand at 12:00

Uh-oh…too far.

If your arms are this straight, odds are you’ve overcompensated. In other words, you’re pulling your shoulders back too far in an attempt to stand up straight.

Remember: you DO want your chest up & your shoulders back…but not TOO far.

If this seems tricky—like, how far is too far?—then I get it. It’s a subtle distinction.

Here are a few tips to help make sure that your shoulders aren’t pulled back too far:

  • Keep your ribs down & flat.
  • Keep your shoulders back, but not so far that you’re squeezing your upper back muscles together.
  • Keep your chest out, but not so far that it points upward.

Follow these 3 guidelines, and above all, keep your body relaxed. The way you hold your body should feel natural and comfortable—not stiff and boardlike.

For a little more help with your posture, check out these 2 products:

Support Brace.

A simple brace like this can gently pull back your shoulders for you. Wearing a brace like this can help improve flexibility in your chest & shoulders, making it easier for you to hold your shoulders back. Wearing one of these braces can also help make good posture feel more natural, as you get used to it over time.

Lumo Lift.

This nifty little device (I’ve got one) is like a Fitbit for your posture. You clip it onto the front of your shirt and it tracks your posture, displaying your results on their app. You can also put it into an active coaching mode, where the device will vibrate anytime you start to slouch.


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