Discover The Secret Link Between Your Looks And Your Salary

Enjoy your champagne and cigar, you rich handsome bastard

Enjoy your champagne and cigar, you rich handsome bastard.

Have you ever suspected that there’s a link between your looks…and your salary?

It’s true.

In fact, not only is it true, it’s backed up by a boatload of research:

Good-looking guys make more money.

They make more money (3-4% more on average), they get hired sooner, and they get promoted more quickly.

Yep, life is good…if you’re a good-looking guy.

Now, we could end the story here.

(That would be kind of anti-climactic, wouldn’t it?)

But we won’t.

Because if we do a little digging, we can actually discover something pretty fascinating going on under the surface.

First, let’s clarify one important point:

This Has Nothing To Do With Sex

For the purpose of this article, we are not talking about men giving more money to attractive women.

That, at least, makes sense (in a sleazy kind of way).

And we’re not talking about women giving more money to attractive men.

This is the same thing in reverse.

We’re talking about heterosexual men giving more money to attractive men.

Here’s where things seem to break down and stop making sense.

This pretty much sums up life as a handsome man

Apparently, this pretty much sums up what life is like as a good-looking guy.

Why would male managers, bosses, and hiring managers—presumably smart, rational guys—give more money to handsome male employees?

What do they have to gain by doing that?

If anything, shouldn’t they be giving more money to nerdy-looking guys wearing suspenders and pocket protectors?

At least they fit the stereotype of nerdy, which makes you think they would be intelligent and productive employees.

Well, there’s actually a good answer to this question…

But before we get to that, there’s one great big myth we have to bust.

And that is:

The Myth Of The Naturally Handsome Man

We live in a society that places a higher value on acquired qualities than on intrinsic qualities.

In other words, we place a higher value on qualities like honesty, education, and passion than we do on qualities like height and hair color.

(At least, we try to.)

And the reason for this is pretty simple:

Honesty, education, and passion are things you EARN.

(Therefore, you deserve them.)

Height and hair color are things you’re BORN WITH.

(Therefore, you don’t necessarily deserve them; they’re yours by luck or random chance.)

Similarly, most people think of attractiveness as something that you’re born with.

But…is that really true?

Of course your genetics play a humongous role in the way you look. No one’s arguing against that point.

But consider this:

There are dozens of actions you take on a daily basis that have a huge impact on your attractiveness, including…

  • Your diet. The foods you eat will mean the difference between being lean and being overweight. Diet also affects your skin tone.
  • Your exercise habits. Work out and you’ll have more muscle, less fat, and an overall more attractive physique.
  • Your posture. Stand up straight and you’ll look taller, more confident, and more assertive. Slouch and you’ll look schlumpy.
  • Your clothes. No surprise here: put more effort into the way you dress, and you’ll be a better-dressed (and therefore more attractive) guy.
  • Your body language. The way you move your body around others will determine if you come across as confident & assertive…or shy and weak.
  • Your grooming. The way you take care of your body has a huge impact on the appearance of your skin, teeth, and clothes.
  • Your attitude. Walk around with confidence and self-esteem, and people will automatically perceive you as being more attractive.
Doesn't this guy DESERVE to be better-looking than another guy who isn't putting in the effort?

Doesn’t this guy DESERVE to be better-looking than another guy who isn’t putting in the effort?

If you do all these things right—if you eat well, exercise, take care of yourself, dress well, groom properly, etc.—then you are going to be a much better-looking guy. Guaranteed.

So when you look at it that way, it seems that attractiveness is actually a combination of:

  • Intrinsic qualities (like height), and
  • Earned qualities (like honesty).

Some men may be born more naturally handsome than others…

But through effort, ANY GUY can become significantly more attractive.

And there’s the key.

Now that we’ve busted The Myth of the Naturally Handsome Man, we can move on to the deeper question:

Do Good-Looking Guys Actually Deserve More Money?

To most people, this probably sounds like a horrible question.

But stick with me for a minute here.

Consider this study, which found that more attractive real-estate agents get a higher price for the real estate they’re selling than less attractive agents.

In other words, attractive real-estate agents are BETTER real-estate agents.

And as a result, attractive real-estate agents DO deserve more money—because they provide more value to their clients.

Can of worms: opened.

Can of worms: opened.

In fact, maybe we’ve been thinking about this whole thing the wrong way.

Maybe it’s NOT that good-looking guys are more successful.

Instead, maybe the truth actually goes in the opposite direction:

Successful guys are more likely to put in the effort to become good-looking.

Thousands of studies have been performed exploring the link between attractiveness and salary…

But all these studies can do is show a correlation (not causation).

In other words, they can show that being more attractive is ASSOCIATED WITH a higher salary, but they can’t prove that being more attractive CAUSES you to get paid more money.

And if you ask me, it makes a lot more sense if we think of it the other way:

The traits that tend to make you successful are the same traits that tend to make you attractive.

After all: working out, eating healthy, grooming, and dressing well are all qualities that…

  • Require a little work. It takes time and effort to go to the gym, to eat healthy, to take care of your skin, etc.
  • Are ambitious. Lazy guys are less likely to take the time to look their best.
  • Improve your self-esteem. The better you look, the better you feel—and the better you feel, the
  • Help you be more productive. Many of the activities that make you better-looking (like working out, eating healthy, and getting enough sleep) will also improve your physical & mental performance.

What do you think?

Is the human race a superficial species that automatically gives more money to guys with a perfect jawline…

Or is there a link between the way you look and the way you perform?

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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