One Quick Tip That Will Make All Your White Button-Down Shirts Look Better

Have you ever worn a white dress shirt with a white undershirt…

…only to realize that the undershirt is SUPER-NOTICEABLE?

What gives? Shouldn’t the white shirts, like, match or something?

Well, here’s a tip that will prevent that from ever happening again.

It’s quick, it’s easy, and it works.

Wear a gray undershirt, instead of a white one.


Well, here’s the thing you’ve got to keep in mind:

You don’t want the undershirt to match your shirt. You want it to match your skin tone!

Gray isn’t a perfect color, but it’s a lot better than white. (Also, you probably don’t have a lot of skin-colored undershirts lying around, do you?)

Give it a try.

Here’s me wearing a white undershirt:

White Undershirt

Click on the image to see a bigger version

See how noticeable that undershirt is?

It’s not a clean look.

Now here’s me wearing a gray undershirt:

Gray Undershirt

Click on the picture to see a bigger version

This time I have to actually pull the shirt tight against my arm for you to even be able to see the undershirt—and even then, it’s hard to see it. (You almost have to be looking for it, which of course no one will be in a social situation.)

Just to give you an idea, this it the undershirt I’m wearing in the second picture:

Gray Shirt

One Thing to Keep in Mind

The effectiveness of this technique will depend somewhat on your skin tone, so if your skin is very dark or very light, experiment with different colored undershirts.

Just remember: you want the undershirt to match your skin, not your dress shirt.

If you find any other undershirt colors that work well, let everybody know in the comments section below!

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