Who Am I?

Who Am I? 2017-05-18T15:53:25-05:00

IMG_4586My name is Neil, and I’ll be your guide to Handsome-Town.

Am I the best-looking guy in the world?


But that’s exactly what makes me such a good guide.

I wasn’t born with perfect skin, perfect hair, perfect eyes, perfect teeth, a perfect body…

I wasn’t born with a perfect anything!

(Except my butt. I *do* have a perfect butt.)

And that means that I’ve had to figure out how to fix each of these issues on my own.

Rest assured: if you have an attractiveness problem—whether it’s acne, obesity, or thinning hair—I’ve been there with you, buddy, and I came out on the other side as a better-looking man as a result of it.

And with my help, so you will you.

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